The year is 1200 AD, and the Rhine Tribunal once again casts it’s gaze to the northeast, to a massive stretch of land, sparsely populated, and full of untold resources and riches for the Order of Hermes. Six covenants dot the landscape over the whole of what is known as the Novgorod Tribunal, secretive and isolated, these covenants rarely acknowledge the order, and pursue unknown mystical goals, barely speaking to each other, and unaware of the grave threat that looms on the horizon.

Welcome to Mythic Russia, a land of breathtaking beauty, and deadly winters. A place of people as tough as the land they inhabit. A place of powerful fae, and unforgiving gods. This is the Great Bear’s Den, and magi would do well to remember how fiercely she protects her cubs.

In the Great Bear's den

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